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Trainers work with each individual client to note needs, disabilities, and goals to formate a plan around various workouts and nutrition guidelines that prompt quick and sustainable results.


$90/wk 3 sessions 

$220/month 2 sessions a week

$300/month 3 sessions a week

$400/month Unlimited Sessions & Camps


Boot-Camp classes gives clients a chance to be motivated and challenged by peers while still doing innovative exercises that pushes the limits and produces results.

$15 per session

$100/month 2 sessions a week 

$150/month 3 sessions a week

$200/month for Unlimited Camps & Classes

           Various Classes


ThirdRush Fitness provides various classes that include Zumba, Pole Fitness, Hip-Hop Classes, Yoga, Boxing, and Pilates. 

Boxing & Pole Fitness $15 per classs; $60/month Unlimited

Yoga & Zumba $7 Class



Specialty Training geared towards sports performance. Keying in on each athletes potential, to maximize their abilities through various sport related workouts.



Training will be documented through initial test and follow ups for progression. 

Phsyical measurements taken to set goals and track progression.

          Nutritional Coaching


Trainers give clients nutritional outlines to better help clients with diets to get the most out of training and maximize results

            Monthly Challenges


Challenges given to all clients to promote efforts outside of training with personal workouts and diets 

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