I have lost 30 pounds with the help of ThirdRush Fitness so far. Knowledgeable and personable, Luther of ThirdRush Fitness, has encouraged me to push myself even when I wanted to give up. He does a great job of making the workouts challenging, but adding a personal touch like no one else out there! I’ve tried all kinds of things to get back on track with a healthier lifestyle from diets to assisted weight loss plans to working out with other personal trainers and even at-home workout DVDs. Nothing has yielded me the results that I have seen and felt with here and I will recommend ThirdRush Fitness any and every time! I invite everyone, whether you are in shape, need to get healthy or are just looking for a way to stay active to try ThirdRush Fitness. You’ll leave feeling challenged, better than before and will have fun along the way. Thanks for everything, ThirdRush Fitness!


-Candice Jackson


ThirdRush Fitness give you a total body workout with great results. I started out working with Luther in January and in One month I lost 17lbs. Luther also told me that I will have a six pack by June as I was listening I had one of those yeah right look on my face. But as of today my stomach is almost gone. I encourage anyone any age to try ThirdRush you will see results!

-Derrick Harden